“Skyfall” review

Skyfall review

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Tehreem Shahab, Staff Writer

He has been a crime-fighting MI6 Agent since 1962, but a strange twist in recent events leaves the audience thinking, “Is this really the end?”

His name is Bond. James Bond.

Skyfall, the new Bond movie, was released on Nov.9. It stars the intense, blue-eyed Daniel Craig, who appeared in the Bond movies Casino Royal (2006) and Quantum of Solace (2008). Judi Dench appears as M, the head of the Secret Intelligence Service and Javier Bardem as the antagonist, Raoul Silva.

When the MI6 offices are under attack, Bond, who has been considered “missing, believed killed” because of some sketchy occurrences in the beginning of the movie, returns unfit and intoxicated but eager to work as an agent again. It turns out that a former agent, Silva (Bardem), is seeking revenge on M; he believes it was she who turned him in to the Chinese and had him tortured. On the journey to prevent any more attacks on MI6, Bond closely encounters trains, ends up on rooftops and goes back to his past to find the vengeful and mentally unstable Silva.

Bond has always been portrayed as a strong, fit man who can do the impossible. But there are times in the movie when his hand trembles while using his gun, which he always used so effortlessly before. He shows pain and is not as cold and emotionless. He is finally shown a little more realistically and Craig does a good job in portraying this.

Overall the movie had an intriguing but a predictable ending. Bardem may be one of the best Bond villains yet, convincingly portraying a deranged villain. Dench shows sarcasm and humor, making the cold character seem rather likeable. The actors for this movie were well chosen and the special effects were excellent in most scenes. Skyfall should preferably watched in 3D to get the full effect.

Skyfall was different compared to previous movies as it shows Bond with more emotion. Bond fans may have different opinions on it because of this change, but they should definitely pay to see this movie as it may be one of the best ones yet.