‘The Bachelor’ season 17 finale review

Jessica Allman, Staff Writer

It was a moment in “The Bachelor” history that fans will never forget: a girl stepped out of the limo on night one to meet Sean Lowe in a wedding gown. If viewers hadn’t watched the episodes to follow, they would have never guessed that the crazy girl in the wedding dress, Lindsay Yenter, would end up as one of the final two. The other finalist, Catherine Giudici, was a surprise as well, seeing as she barely spoke until the sixth episode ─ but the two girls seemed like great picks for Sean. Catherine is bubbly and outgoing, bringing out Sean’s goofy side. Lindsay is outgoing as well, but seems to have the same faith and beliefs as Sean, which is always important.

Sean, Catherine and Lindsay were all in Chiang Rai, Taiwan. But even after spending 10 weeks with the women, Sean admitted that he still wasn’t sure which girl was the one for him. He claimed to be in love with both of the girls which seemed completely ridiculous.  As the girls got ready to meet the Lowe family, Sean was hoping his family would have some good insight. Sean’s parents, sister Shay, brother-in-law James, niece and nephew all loved both Catherine and Lindsay and didn’t seem to be swayed in a particular direction at all. Mama Lowe pulled Sean outside to talk to him with tears in her eyes. She told Sean that if he was on the fence he didn’t need to propose at all which is completely understandable. Sean got a little defensively unreasonable and told his mom that she had only seen 20 minutes of what had been going on, insisting that one of the two women were his wife to be.

After the nerve-wrenching meet-and-greet with the Lowe family, both of the girls had another one-on-one date. Sean took Lindsay on a peaceful rafting trip down the Mekong River. The water was disgustingly murky, but other than that the view was beautiful and mountainous. As the day turned into night, Sean and Lindsay partook in traditional Taiwanese lantern lighting. The two wrote things that they hoped to have in their future on paper lanterns. Together they lit the lanterns and watched them fly off into the colorful sunset. It was quite the romantic moment. The date ended heart-breakingly, with Sean giving no reply when Lindsay told him she loved him. Lindsay reacted in a calm, collected way without showing too much disappointment, but it was clear that she was hurting.

When Catherine’s one-on-one date came around, Sean and her had the opportunity to experience one of the most interesting dates ever: riding an elephant. The ride seemed a little unstable at times, but the two enjoyed themselves, as they always do. Towards the end of the date Catherine began to get serious and emotional, a side Sean rarely ever sees from her. She said that she wouldn’t know what she would do without him. Sean comforted her, but she didn’t seem too confident that he would pick her. Just like Lindsay, Catherine reminded Sean that she loved him, but he gave no response, which was especially hard for Catherine.

Now the moment of truth arrives. Sean has the ring he picked out in his suit pocket and waits to meet separately with both Lindsay and Catherine. Lindsay comes out of the van first. Uh oh, this isn’t looking too good for her. Lindsay is looking as beautiful as ever in 6-inch silver heels, showing off her anchor tattoo. Chris Harrison walks Lindsay across the bridge to where Sean is waiting for her. Sean’s face seems serious and stern as Lindsay approaches him, but he manages to smile and make eye contact.

He tells her that he’s had a wonderful time over the past few months with her, giving her no reason to doubt that he’s about to dump her. Sean looks down with tears in his eyes as he manages to blurt out “This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do”. Of course, at that moment Lindsay realizes she was not chosen. She kicks off her heels and Sean leads her down to the car. As if the rejection isn’t enough, he proceeds to tell her that he loves her. Oh, nice one Sean, Catherine would love to hear that watching the show back.

Catherine gets out of her car, stunning in a gold dress and a radiant smile. Looking rather confident, she walks over to Sean and greets him. “I don’t want to say goodbye anymore,” Sean tells her as he gets down on one knee. Catherine, gasping for air, looks like she is about to faint from all the excitement. After Sean puts the huge rock on her finger, the newly engaged couple rides off their elephant to celebrate. Even though some viewers were rooting for Lindsay all along, Catherine seems to have had the popular vote.

So what made Sean pick Catherine over Lindsay? Was it the cute notes she would occasionally pass to Sean and quirky personality? The answer isn’t clear. However, the fact that Catherine and Sean are radiating with joy and love and are very happy together is very obvious. Their love seems very genuine and real, as they are already talking about the wedding and future plans and dreams together.