Britney Spears “Femme Fatale” Review

Whitney Fein, Staff Writer

Ex-child star and pop sensation Britney Spears released her newest album on March 29. The album features songs such as “Big Fat Bass” featuring and “(Drop Dead) Beautiful”. Most of the songs on the album are about partying and/or romance. Spears continues with her legacy by recording songs that sound exactly like her hits in 2000 such as “Oops I did it Again” and “Hit Me Baby One More Time”. They keep their upbeat music until about 2 minutes into the song, and then slow down as she speaks a few lines or sings at a different tempo, then goes back into another repeat of the chorus at the normal upbeat tempo and the song ends. Spears seems to be adopting the ways of Ke$ha in many of her songs with auto tuning and repetition of syllables. Even the cover of her new album makes Britney seem like a Ke$ha look-a-like.

Although the songs are similar to the “usual Britney”, each song has some kind of unique flare added to it. For instance, many of the songs have weird noises in the background. The song “How I Roll” has bubbles popping in the background throughout most of the song, where as in the song “Criminal”, the intro has a recorder playing in the background. Some of the songs are up-beat and the kind of music you can dance to, while others are sad broken-heart songs made to blast in your car and sing your heart out. Why Britney and her producers chose these specific sound effects for these songs is beyond me, but it gives her songs a unique twist. If you are looking for the next new thing, this album is not for you. The whole album is typical Britney with just different sound effects added to each song, not new and innovative music. For the faithful Britney Spears fan, this album is completely perfect for you. All in all, Britney Spears makes a come back into the music world with her new album. For all those Britney fans out there, this album is exactly what we were waiting for from the loved pop artist who took a break from the world of music and coming back on top.

Staff Recommendations: “Till the World Ends”, “(Drop Dead) Beautiful”, and “Big Fat Bass”

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