“Some Nights” review


Diva Gulati, Online Editor-in-Chief

     The success of “We Are Young” (currently number one on the iTunes top 10, featured on Glee, and used in a Superbowl commercial) set high expectations for fun.’s sophomore album, Some Nights. The album, which released on Feb. 21, goes in a completely different direction than fun.’s first one but it does not disappoint.

     From the beginning of the album, listeners are introduced to singer Nate Ruess’s brilliant vocals and a variety of instruments. The song serves as a chilling, two minute crescendo into the upbeat “Some Nights” which is fun and quirky while focusing on the pros and cons of life. Coupled together, these two tracks serve as a wonderful segue into the New York trio’s second album.

     In the two and a half years since their debut album’s release, fun. has matured and its new sound is evident in Some Nights. The band takes lots of liberty and experiments with AutoTune, which is most noticeable in the tracks “Stars” and “It Gets Better.” Ruess doesn’t need AutoTune – he’s proven time and time again that he’s a talented vocalist – but the effects are used artistically, sometimes to change the pitch in places or create odd, but still enjoyable, echoes. The songs aren’t bad, just different from what fans may expect from fun. Those expecting songs similar to those on Aim and Ignite¸ the band’s first album, may find themselves disappointed.

     The songs most reminiscent of Aim and Ignite are “Some Nights,” “Carry On” and “Why Am I The One” and although they are three standout tracks, the album wouldn’t feel complete without the songs that sound a little different. “All Alone” and “All Alright” showcase just how much fun. has changed. “All Alone” has a slight hip-hop feel to it and “All Alright” could easily be a top song on the charts.

     However, the lyrics throughout the album are classic fun. They are filled with witty wordplay just as Aim and Ignite was and there’s a recurring theme through the album of – what else? – night. Some Nights is the title of the album for a good reason: the phrase is scattered throughout the album and the lyrics seem to constantly refer to stars and the night time. Although many of the songs deal with serious topics, from break-ups to finding out who you are as an individual, the songs usually remain positive and upbeat.

     The album as a whole captures fun.’s evolution over the past few years. Although they undoubtedly sound different, the band had not lost their talent for creating beautiful and inspiring music. Some Nights manages to be meaningful and complex while still retaining its youthfulness. The album is filled with songs that may seem like the have been pulled from a variety of genres but the tracks have a definite flow and when the album ends, it ends much too soon.